Zohreh Pashandi

Licensed Acupuncturist.
Professional Family Therapist.

Zohreh has been an acupunturist and family psychologist (Family Therapists) for over twelve years. She has had her own private practice since 1998. It has been an honor for her to help clients with problems such as anxiety, depression, anger management, and stress, along with physical problems.

Her goal is to share Oriental Medicine concepts and other experimental tools that will not only help you feel better emotionally, but also support you physical will being and create a more meaningful and empowered approach. She is Practical and interactive, easy to talk with.

Dr. Lisa Byrant, ND

Dr. Lisa Bryant is a licensed naturopathic physician and natural medicine expert. She completed her residency in naturopathic family medicine at National College of Natural Medicine in Portland, Oregon. Dr. Bryant’s clinical education included a six-month rotation in cardiovascular and pulmonary medicine and extensive experience in naturopathic primary care. She is involved in increasing awareness of complementary and alternative medicine and regularly speaks to high school students about careers in this field. Before her formal education at NCNM, Dr. Bryant attained a bachelor’s degree in Biocultural Anthropology from Western Washington University and also studied traditional medicine in Dehra Dun, India.

Dr. Bryant believes that every person deserves to be well, and helps her patients achieve this by using a combination of biomedical tools and traditional naturopathic treatments. She utilizes many different treatments including IV therapy, herbal medicine, dietary counseling, supplements and pharmaceuticals when necessary. Dr. Bryant regularly treats people with diabetes, digestive issues, anxiety, depression, chronic headaches and low energy. She also enjoys practicing general family medicine and performs the duties of a primary care provider. She treats every patient with sincerity and respect, and truly loves her work as a naturopathic physician.

Outside of work Dr. Bryant is usually found playing with her 2 kids, biking around her neighborhood, and spending time with friends and family. She also enjoys hiking in the Columbia River Gorge with her husband and exploring the Oregon coast.

Dr. Timothy Swindler, DC

As a practicing Doctor of Chiropractic, my focus since 2005 has been on minimally invasive techniques that work with the body than against it. With 9+ years experience in Advanced Biostructural Correction, my goal is to facilitate the body's natural healing capabilities by only doing for the body what it cant do for itself, removing the interference to the body's natural health expression by restoring its structure and function.

Dr. Natasha Ruegsegger, DC

Dr. Natasha is the newest member of our team and a recent graduate from University of Western State. With a focus in active rehabilitation and an upbeat personality, we are happy to welcome our latest chiropractor to the Holistic family.