Massage Therapists

Samantha Graves, LMT

I studied massage therapy in Mason City, IA and have been a licensed massage practitioner for 3 years.

I am trained in but not limited to the following modalities : Swedish, Deep Tissue, Sports Massage, Prenatal, Reflexology, MFR, and Table Thai.

I am dedicated to helping my clients by using therapeutic and relaxing techniques to reduce stress and muscle tension. As a new resident to Portland I spend time outside of work hiking and exploring the Portland area.

Kelsea Falls, LMT

Kelsea graduated from an 800-hour massage program at East West College of the HealingArts in Portland after obtaining her undergraduate degree from pacific University in Exercise Science with an emphasis on Integrated Physiology. Kelsea likes to use a varietyof techniques including Swedish, Deep Tissue, Myofascial Release, Tui na, Sports and Chair massage. Her work focuses on pain relief and prevention. She sees and appreciates the different benefits of both relaxing, stress reducing massage and deep, therapeutic massage. Massage has changed her life for the better in many ways and she hopes to help facilitate a positive change in other through the massage she performs. LMT #21445

Mark Gurthrie RN, EMT, LMT

R.N. Licensed for over 30 years, licensed in Washington and Oregon
Massage license past 13 years, also licensed in both Washington and Oregon
E.M.T. Certification, 1995
Pathology instructor at Western States Chiropractic, 2008

My specialty is Shiatsu bodywork. Acupressure is the other name for shiastu, which is acupuncture without the needles. I follow the Chinese medicine model of healing which works with chi energy, the “life force” of the human body. The Chi follows 14 different meridians of the body associated with organ systems such as lung, liver, gallbladder and heart meridians. Some have esoteric names, i.e. triple-burner, whispering pines, or bubbling springs.

Rebecca Knutson B Bus, LMT

Rebecca completed her certification in massage therapy at East West College of Healing Arts in 2006, and completed her Bachelor’s Degree in Logistics/Supply Chain from Portland State’s School of Business in 2013. She has been practicing massage therapy for over 7 years.

Rebecca believes, “The body has an amazing ability to heal itself, and massage therapy creates space where that dynamic healing can happen” Her favorite massage modalities are a combination of Swedish, deep tissue, myofascial unwinding, positional release, and Reiki – a technique system she calls Integrated Relaxation Massage.

Portland has been Rebecca’s home for nearly a decade, and she loves spending time anywhere on the Oregon Coast. Rebecca’s dream vacation is to visit destination spas all over the world and learn/experience ways of ancient healing. Rebecca is an entrepreneur in the personal care product business as well as an LMT. She is a former information systems coordinator.

Rebecca’s Massage Modalities: Swedish, deep tissue, trigger point, myofascial release, sports massage, structural bodywork/integration, Reiki, some craniosacral, positional release, acupressure, and geriatric massage.